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Summer Enrichment Program

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Prospective Employees


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Why Work for S.E.P.?

S.E.P. offers all staff the opportunity to work with incredible students, make contacts and friendships with wonderful colleagues in the teaching world and gain valuable experience in creating and maintaining an academic residential community. Staff cite the opportunity to learn new curricular methods, apply knowledge gained in college classroom settings, and gain experience in handling real-life situations within a supportive work environment. S.E.P. values experience with the program and feels that returning staff are a tremendous asset to the students and the program.

The starting salary for instructors is $700 per session. Teaching Assistants and Resident Assistants each earn $475 per session. Salaries for administrators vary by position. Room and board are provided at N.A.U. with each staff member getting his/her own room in a college dormitory. All staff will earn an extra stipend for staff training.

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